Welcome to your Optimising Business Masterclass, where you’ll apply the world’s easiest marketing and business automation so that you

  • have more time
  • become more profitable
  • add value to your business
  • attract and keep better staff, suppliers and customers
  • have financial peace of mind, freedom and security

You’ll be learning a lot so here are three top tips:

  1. When signing up for free trials or any new software/systems, don’t start until you’re ready to diarise some regular daily time to use it.
  2. Start the training before you sign up – we provide training and links to the best, most up to date and fastest training for each aspect.
  3. Have the training on one half of your screen and your live logged-in web page on the other half of your screen, so you can watch the one on the left, pause then implement. This is by FAR the fastest way of learning and applying. If you can, then train someone else how to do it either the same day or the next day, so that it sinks in (we learn better when we teach).

Just to reassure you that you’re in the right place, here’s what other people say:

“Angela is always way up there with the latest trends!”

Sonia Meaden OBE, Moorland Garden Hotel & Nobody Inn, Devon, UK, May 2013
You are so on the ball.”

“If there was a TV master class business show I would want to be on your team – and I expect you would be the ultimate winner. I cannot recall meeting a more competent business women. You have the “X ” factor. You are B (B = Brilliant) and BZ too (that is the NATO code
- flag hoist for warships at sea – that is the highest order of praise). I like your thinking and I am already doing many of the things you suggest. You are so on the ball.”

Steve Marsh, Self Move Hire (and former Naval officer), New South Wales, Australia, February 2013
“Angela is an excellent business operator”

“Angela is an excellent business operator, with great energy, a keen eye for detail, commercially aware, creative and very sales focused. Highly recommended to have on your team.”

Mal Emery, Founder, Streetsmart Marketing, Australia, November 2012
“She has run her own very high profile business with great distinction.”

“Angela brings great energy, enthusiasm, thought and passion to everything she does. She has run her own very high profile business with great distinction. One of those rare people who makes things happen whilst also bringing a smile to your face”

David YoungDirector, Stem Group, Back2Back Business
She has great experience in developing and managing successful, commercially focused businesses”

“I have known Angela for several years through our industry connections. She has unlimited enthusiasm – she has the ability to see the ‘big picture’ and yet is still equally at home in delving into the details. She has great experience in developing and managing successful, commercially focused businesses but she still retains a caring interest in matters of the environment and those who are less well positioned in society.”

Adrian Mahon, Safety Director, Merlin Entertainments Group Ltd

A clear sighted businesswomen with strong commercial sense and an unerring eye for detail”

“Angela has gained enormous respect both in the UK and overseas. A clear sighted businesswomen with strong commercial sense and an unerring eye for detail, she is unfailingly personable, a pleasure to work with and passionate about creating great experiences” 

Charles Read, Director, Blooloop Limited

“An extremely professional and competent business person.”

“I have known Angela for several years. During this time I have found her to be an extremely professional and competent business person. She is confident, inquisitive and has a thirst for knowledge. Her knowledge of tourism and leisure in the UK is unsurpassed, her work ethic is highly commendable. Angela will succeed in any arena, she is driven, intelligent and highly motivated”                     

Bob O’Connor, Managing Director at Howletts & Port Lympne Wild Animal Parks, UK

“Commercially aware”

Angela is a gifted operator, with great energy and an eye for detail. She’s commercially aware, she’s creative and she’s a great team leader. And she’s great company!” 

Nick Farmer, Managing Director, Farmer Attraction Development Ltd, August 2010
“Worked with grit and determination”

“Angela is a worthy Ambassador. Her many talents, her enthusiam, her dedication and her professionalism have been recognised by HM The Queen and evidenced by the award of an MBE. She has worked with grit and determination to establish a very successful family business, and has maintained a cool head throughout. She has contributed greatly to the welfare of the tourism industry in Devon and clearly enjoys every minute of her working life.”

David Cam DL, Director and Secretary, Pleasure Beach Blackpool, August 2010

“I’ve ALWAYS been able to count on her”

“Angela is on a very short list of people I call when I’m truly in a bind and need help quickly because I’ve ALWAYS been able to count on her to respond immediately. She has that rare ability to see the big picture – the vision – as the Managing Director of a company, yet to perceive and understand how the smallest matters affect her customers. Also, whenever I’ve contacted her, even though I always know she has a full plate, she’s always made me feel as if my questions and concerns are the only thing that matter to her at the moment, and that means everything.”

Keith Miller, News Editor, contract writer for Funworld Magazine, IAAPA, USA, July 2010

  Welcome to Your Step by Step Information, Training and Business Systems  To Help You Make The Most Of Your Business.
You no longer need to worry about neglecting the potential of your business.

It can be so overwhelming to try and think about what to do for the best: we all hear about social media and websites, mobile marketing… Google and Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, Autoresponders, Landing Pages… Pinterest and Instagram…SEO, liking, posting, tweeting…it can seem endless and you just don’t know where to even start.

Relax, we’ve done all the hard work for you. Why would I do that?

I’m in the unique position of being a frugal farmer’s daughter, having generated millions of dollars in both hemispheres, traveling the world and hanging out with some of the most successful business owners and marketeers on the planet.

Incensed by so many bad marketing practices offered by big and little providers alike, resulting in indecision by many businesses along witl loss of both money and time, I determined to research and trial the best systems and strategies for you as a business owner to grow your business through the fastest, most cost effective and easiest marketing in the world.

At the end of the day, successful business is very simple: it’s about serving people, fulfilling a need, charging more than your costs, attracting more of your ideal customers and clients, getting them to come back more often, spend more on each visit and remain a customer for longer.

You want great return on investment for every single dollar and every single minute that you spend.

You’re in the right place.